1. Monthly board and lodging for the 2017-18 academic year is 970 € (881,82 + 10% VAT). Payment shall be made by bank transfer within the first five days of the month.


a) RESIDENTS FOR A FULL ACADEMIC YEAR: When a new resident accepts a place or a current one agrees to renew his place, reservation is made by paying the last month (May or June) of the 2017-2018 academic year as a deposit. Once this deposit has been paid, it is understood that the resident accepts his place in the College and undertakes to reside there for the full nine months of the academic year.

b) SHORT TERM RESIDENTS: Once the resident has been accepted by the College, he/she shall transfer the amount requested by the College at least 10 days before his/her arrival.

3. Once a place has been accepted the deposit will not be returned if the resident does not take up his place, or he abandons it before the end of the year because of personal or disciplinary reasons. The deposit shall only be returned in full if the candidate is unable to enrol in a university in Madrid and has to go to another province. Documentary evidence of this must be submitted.

4. No discount or reimbursement shall be made in respect of days that the resident is absent from the College, whether voluntarily or because of disciplinary measures, or in respect of non use of the facilities. The same criterion applies to the Christmas and Easter vacations in line with the academic calendar of the Universidad Complutense.

5. The College is closed for all purposes during the months of August and the Christmas and Easter vacations in line with the academic calendar of the Universidad Complutense.

6. Board and lodging includes:

a) Accommodation in an individual room with en suite bathroom, heating, telephone and internet connection for the 2017-2018 academic year, from 1600 hours on Sunday 30th August to 1200 hours on 31st May (September-May), from 1200 hours on 1st October to 12 hours on 30th June (October-June), except the Christmas and Easter vacations in line with the academic calendar of the Universidad Complutense.

b) Full board during the period of residence, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner every day except for Saturdays when no dinner is provided. If a resident is unable to use the dining hall within the specified times, because of a reason acceptable to the Management, a packed meal will be provided.

c) Weekly laundry service (which includes: 3 sweaters or sweatshirts, 5 shirts or polo shirts, 3 pairs of trousers, skirts or dresses, 7 tee shirts/vests 7 items of underwear, 7 pairs of socks, 1 pyjama or nightdress, 1 large towel or dressing gown, 1 small towel and one set of bedding). Any extra items will be billed separately. All items must be labelled with the number provided by the Management when the place is assigned. As the service is provided by an industrial laundry, the College accepts no liability for damage to delicate items or items that need special treatment.

d) Cleaning of the room once a week.

e) Doctor’s Surgery in the College once a week. We recommend that residents obtain the Social Security family card, which must be completed in the appropriate Health Centre of the INSS (Calle María Auxiliadora, 3).

7. Board and Lodging does not include:

a) Special meals required because of illness or other causes, except for very short periods.

b) Bedding (sheets, pillowcases, blankets or quilts) and towels.

c) Damage caused to the room, furniture or College facilities other than wear and tear. Expenses incurred for repairs shall be paid by the resident who caused the damage.

8. If any resident wishes to stay in the College beyond the agreed time, permission must be sought from the Management. If the Management agrees, a daily tariff determined by the Administration shall be billed.

9. The College accepts no liability for theft from the rooms.