The Colegio Mayor San Agustín is a university centre attached to the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, and provides residential services to students, and encourages holistic personal development to help students become active and responsible members of society.

The College is governed by the Regulation for Centres of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, its own Statutes, which have been approved by the University, and its Internal Regulations.

It was inaugurated on 24th April 1964, and since its opening it has been managed by the Augustinians, a religious body of the Catholic Church which is inspired by evangelical values and Christian humanism, in the spirit of Saint Augustine.


The Colegio Mayor Universitario San Agustín, as an Augustinian university education centre, aims:

  • To provide a theoretical and practical framework of Augustinian values that can be summarised in educating the inner life, with truth and freedom to enable the person to BE, and to educate in friendship, community, justice and solidarity to enable the person to LEARN TO SHARE.
  • To inspire residents with a love of studying –which is a sign of a desire to seek out the truth-, discipline, austerity and self-improvement –which is a desire for personal growth-, and free dedication to serve others as a practical manifestation of the College’s slogan: “Love and do what you want” (Cf. CMUSA Statutes, Article 5 (h)).
  • To cultivate the religious dimension, which nowadays is at risk of becoming the missing link in education, so that it emphasises the evangelical nature of our College.
  • To create a spirit of community amongst residents, that manifests itself in their putting the interests of others before their own.
  • To instil the principle of discipline in all educational activities, as a way of achieving responsible autonomy and to guarantee harmony.
  • Encourage maximum respect for all members of the College community, regardless of their role in the College or their beliefs.
  • Encourage freedom and responsibility for every person that believes he/she is the architect of his/her own life and who purposely takes on his/her role in the College and in society. Responsible freedom and autonomy as an expression of determination to take charge of one’s own life and be responsible for one’s own actions.
  • To recognise diversity as a seal of personal identification and a manner of freedom of thought. Unity and concord cannot be understood as uniformity.
  • To teach people to find answers, which means developing the capacity to question oneself, critical judgment and openness to transcendence.
  • To encourage group activities and all initiatives that help create interpersonal friendship and contribute to effective participation.

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